Nautical Nails – Nail Tutorial

So in my head, its always appropriate to wear whatever nail polish you want, DON’T LET THE SEASON DEFINE YOU.

I picked up some nail polish yesterday when I was trawling the shelves of my local Priceline (6 bottles – I have an addiction) and I fell in love with two shades in particular.

The polish I picked up was from two different brands / collections. I picked up the entire ‘Nauti Girl’ range from essence and two of the ‘Calypso Bay’ polishes from Face of Australia. (I already have four out of the collection, me and Newbytobeauty are obsessed with that range) When I have the entire range of the Calypso Bay polishes I’ll be doing a post, *spoilers* They’re amazing. I also really love the polish from the Nauti Girl line that I used in this look, nice going essence.


So as you can see it’s pretty simple, and also… PRETTY!


  1. The things you will need: This look can be done with a bunch of different colour combinations, for this look I used an antique gold shade and a deep navy colour. You’re also going to need sticky tape for the ‘cut out/ stencil’ design.
  2. The navy colour is: 01 Ahoy, Boy! from the Essence ‘Nauti Girl’ collection and the gold is: 03 Pirates Booty from the Face of Australia ‘Calypso Bay’ collection.
  3. Paint your nails with the colour you want to have the cut out in. In this case I wanted navy nails with a gold cut out so, gold is the first colour to put down. *Don’t forget to put a base coat to protect your nails.*
  4. Once they’re dry, take a piece of sticky tape and cut it into squares (any shape with a straight right angle on it). Stick it to the back of your hand a few times to get rid of the stickyness of it so it doesn’t rip up the polish. Place the tape on the nail, the position is up to you, but make sure its straight (or not, whatever look you’re going for is fine)
  5. Paint over the nail with the top colour, in my case navy. Once the colour is opaque (this only took me one coat with this polish) peel off the tape – make sure you don’t let the polish dry because when you take the tape off, the polish might chip or peel off too!

So there you go. It is really that simple! Add a top coat and you’re good to go!

I hope you like this, and if you try it out let me know, I’d love to see some different colour combinations!

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Ciao! X

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