Mask of the Month: SWISSE Manuka Honey 1 week review

Finally I can start giving some feedback and actually start reviewing this face mask. There has been so much preparation for it, but now I can start giving my thoughts. I’ve tried to compile a list of judging criteria that should HOPEFULLY prove to be thorough and give some answers.

  • Price: $17.99 at Priceline  $14.99 at Chemist Warehouse
  • Target/Aim: To detoxify and purify skin leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated
  • Skin type: Combination Skin – Well suited for congested and blemish prone skin
  • Smell: It has a cherry/medicin scent like a faint smell of red starburst
  • Texture: Smooth can feel a little gritty once it starts to dry
  • Colour: Dark grey
  • Directions: “Apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, or until the mask feels firm and dry, then rinse off with warm water. Follow with your favourite Swisse natural oil and moisturiser. Recommended for use once to twice per week”.
  • Application: I apply it with my fingers, if you wanted you could probably use a brush or some kind of spatula but you might end up wasting product. I applied it so it was opaque but I think it might be a bit thick. We’ll see how it goes when it sets. I leave the area around my hairline and eyes mask free and also my top lip.
  • Dry Time: Anywhere from 10 – 25 minutes**
  • 5 mins in: The thinner areas of mask have already set and I can feel it getting tight. No tingling sensation or burning.
  • 10 mins in: Majority of mask is set. Whole face is feeling tight, can’t open my mouth or smile.
  • Just before removal: Everything is dry and hard like there is a shell on my face. When I open my mouth it begins to crack and fray. Trying to frown proves to be difficult.
  • Removal process: The directions say to rinse off with warm water however this is damn near impossible without getting drenched. The water definitely re-hydrates the mask to its liquid form but it doesn’t simply wash away. I was wiping and rinsing my face for five minutes and there was still residue around the edges. I’ll have to experiment with different methods of removal.
  • Instant results: Face feels smooth and fresh.
  • 10 mins after: No redness or reaction. (WIN) Face feels smooth and fresh still, pores are clear no difference in size though. (the mask isn’t meant to minimise pores so thats ok)
  • Next morning: My face doesn’t feel dry or tight which is nice.
  • Visible change: I do have a few spots that are starting to come through, however I’m not worried because the mask is detoxifying – I assume it has to draw out impurities first. (the spots didn’t flair up and only lasted a few days)

** Dry time: I put my mask on and then had a nice hot bath. The mask was drying well; but at the 12ish minute mark because there was a lot of steam the mask started to ‘melt’ back to its original state making it impossible to dry so I had to cut my bath time short and sit in front of the air con to make it set. This mask might be good to do first THEN have a bath or just nice to sit around watch a few eps of your favourite TV show and then wash it off.

I’ve used it twice this week as per the directions and the second time I used it the results were the same (still haven’t figured out a decent removal method – maybe the shower?) The second time using it, I still had a few ‘breakouts’ like a spot here or there but nothing too severe which to me is a good sign. If I had inflammation and breakouts everywhere I’d assume I’m having a reaction to it. So far so good after week 1!

Just after full face application.
5-10 minutes in and you can see the change in colour.
The mask is fully set. The dark areas I’m assuming is the mask pulling forward all the oils and imperfections from my pores.
Here, after 5 minutes of rinsing there was still product on my face. It is quite hard to get it all from around the edges and still keep the rest of me dry!


Thats it for week one review. There are still a few weeks to go with reviewing this product. Hopefully I can come up with some tips and tricks to make the removal process better!

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