Mask of the Month: BE Peel-Off Facial Mask Final Review

The lowdown:

  • Price: $5.99 Priceline
  • Target/Aim: ‘…to remove dead skin cells from the skin and unclog pores’
  • Skin Type: Doesn’t specify.
  • Smell: There isn’t really a smell, although it does kind of smell like glue. The scent is meant to be ‘pomegranate’ but I don’t smell it at all.
  • Texture: Thick, sticky, smooth. It reminds me of the hot wax when I get my brows done. Obviously, this product isn’t hot.
  • Colour: Bright Pink!
  • Directions: “Cleanse face with your favourite BE Cleanser, and dry in preparation for the mask. Apply a thin, even layer of the mask to yourface and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area, lips and hair. Leave the mask on to dry for around 15 minutes or until completely dry. Once dry gently peel away the mask from the face. Do not pull away quickly. Wash off any remaining pieces of the mask with warm water. Pat face and neck dry. Use once weekly or as required.”

New Information:

  • Application: I only put this in a strip across my chin and my nose – much like a pore strip. These are the ares that hurt the least. I also put about 2 – 3 layers on to make it thicker and easier to remove in one piece.
  • Dry Time: Anywhere from 5-15 minutes
  • 5 mins in: Skin didn’t feel as tight this time, I’m assuming because less product was on my face.
  • 10 mins in: Taking a bit longer to set because its thicker this time.
  • Just before removal: I notice that the sections are dry, but where my pores are there are little holes/gaps. This is annoying because it is at least twice as thick. How is it meant to clear pores if it isn’t covering them?
  • Removal process: Easy to remove. I pulled it quick across my chin. I saw a few pores get cleared out – success – even if its a small win.
    Around my nose, I was a little more cautious. Especially with the skin under my eye, I pulled that slowly then quickly across the nose itself. Nothing happened though, because there were little holes in the areas of my pores there was nothing to cling to.
  • Instant results: A little redness, a few pores removed.
  • 10 mins after: No redness, skin looks the same.
  • Next morning: The pores that were clear are still clear but it only removed a few on my chin, nothing revolutionary. In order for this to work, I’d suggest making application even thicker.
  • Visible change: None.

What the packaging says:

“A refreshing Peel-Off Facial Mask which works to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and unclog pores to reveal a freshand radiant complexion. Includes Pomegranate extract, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and for fighting free radicals in the skin, and Vitamin E for its soothing and smoothing effects.”

I look like I’m ready to go swimming.

You can see the little holes and gaps on the nose. The mask has nothing to grip to to rip out the clogged pores. The chin was satisfying to rip off, it removed only a few pores though.

Delicately peeled the strip up until this point, then ripped fast across the nose and then delicately again. You can see the redness across the cheeks though. Thats not blush. Its stain + irritation. I don’t think its worth going through this for such minimal results! You’re better off using an actual pore strip!

Pro Tips: Do not put this anywhere near hair lines. I am hesitant to use it again. I think this time I will only focus it in the centre of my face and not in any ‘peach fuzzy’ areas.

Final Words: I really don’t think you should bother with this mask. Even though it is cheap, it just doesn’t do anything. Or anything enough to warrant actually repurchasing it. I’m sure there are other masks out there, even around the same price point that will do better.

If you do have this mask, try using it as a pore strips. This is the only way I found that it could actually do anything, just make sure it is applied thick.

Have you got this mask and have had a good experience with it? I’d love to know.

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