The ‘Boyfriend explains what makeup is’ Tag.

I love a good makeup tag, and I also love my significant other so… lets put them together, yeah?

I saw Sarah from PastelSparkles do this tag with her boyfriend and it was just so great to read. I recommend you checking it out. Click here.

Kris has a pretty good knowledge of what products are and what goes where, he just lacks a bit of execution. Shoutout to him for helping me. To find out what he gets up to, Click here.

So here it is! I think he did quite well and I hope you like this fun little post!

BB Cream: BB Cream? For dry skin? Maybe? Most creams are.. Vitamin B?

Primer: … … … uhh… I don’t know if its before or after foundation… maybe ‘degreaser’. Or… to make foundation go on good.

Foundation: OH! That’s like the base coat!

Concealer: For hiding,… your blemishes..

Powder: Just general? Does it have a more specific name?
Like what? I don’t know. Surely theres more than one kind of powder.
What kinds of powder are there:? Baby powder? Do I Use it?.. no…

Brow Gel: I guess its like hair gel, for your eyebrows.

Eyeshadow: For colouring your eyelids.. Makes your eyes pop..?

Eyeliner: Outlines your eye. Via the eyelid..

Mascara: Makes your lashes longer and or straighter…

Corrector: I assume its not like white out… maybe for uneven skin? Texture? Or not…

Contour: Contour is for cheek definition.

Blusher: To make it look like you’re embarrassed. To make your cheeks look like they have life in them.

Highlight: It’s the opposite of contour, so it goes.. on the cheek bones?

Bronzer: I know it goes on the cheeks, but I don’t know why people do it, I don’t know if it has a function or purpose, like… I’ve only seen it on dragqueens… You don’t wear it do you? *hides under blanket*

Baking: Like, how we’re making dinner right now? To blow dry your face, do dry the makeup?

Strobing: Is that when you bash your face with the sponge?

Setting Spray: Is that like hair gel for your face? Wait… you use it to set.. your face? Is that even a thing?

Lip Liner: Its like eyeliner but for your lips.

He did pretty well, I have to admit. Although his answer for strobing was far from correct, and for the record, he’s referring to when I use a sponge to blend in foundation. /sigh.

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