Foundation Game Changer

Finding the perfect foundation is a mission I think we’re all on in life and for those of you who’ve reached foundation bliss, I’m happy for you and also envious, but for those who are still striving for it, maybe this foundation could help you like its helped me!

During one of the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sales I went in with the mission of picking up a new foundation to try. I’ve been out of the ‘makeup new release’ game for a while because I’m trying to use up what I have so I really wasn’t aware of any new foundations to Priceline.

Walking through the aisles I wasn’t really attracted to anything until I walked past (for the second time) the NYX section. To be honest I don’t really buy a lot from NYX nothing really jumps out for me, I know a lot of people have some holy grail items but I’ve always been ‘meh’ about it.

Now if you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with anything in a dropper. I can’t help it, if I see a dropper attachment on a product I’m going to give it a second look. So I guess that helped me find this foundation. Its the (new?) NYX Total Control Foundation Drops. I’m not sure if these are brand new or if they’re just new to me but the NYX stand in my Priceline had a whole bunch of YouTubers on the display making me think for some reason its new. Thats beside the point. Lets talk about the product.


The packaging is a really nice thick frosted glass bottle with a dropper lid. Its easy to hold even though it is on the smaller side. The dropper top is rubber whilst the tube itself is made of glass. Its easy to use, and not once have I thought I’d break it.


The Product

As you can see the product is VERY watery. Sometimes when I’ve dropped it on my forehead its dripped and run down my face through my eyebrow and almost into my eye. So keep that in mind!


I’ve been incorporating this foundation into my routine for 2 months and I’ve been using it different ways.

  1. Just on my skin
  2. On top of a primer
  3. Mixed in with other foundations
  4. Mixed with primer and foundations


  1. Just on my skin:
    I don’t even need to set this foundation. It has a skin like finish nothing too matte or dewy. Silky to the touch but doesn’t transfer. Great for days when you want something light on the face. Very easy to work with. Coverage is medium to full and easily buildable.
  2. On top of a primer:
    Similar results for this are hat of the first experiment. It would vary with different primers – I used more of a serum like primer and it didn’t break down the foundation so I’m keen to try out different types of primer to use with this foundation.
  3. Mixing with foundations:
    I’ve mixed this with a few different foundations and BB creams. In the picture below it is mixed with the Kat Von D Lock It foundation. It didn’t make anything seperate or break down. I find it mixes really well with other products.
  4. Mixed with primer and foundations:
    I think this is my favourite way to use this foundation. I dot around my face a serum primer, a different foundation and then add the NYX drops. I mix it all together on my face and find that the thicker foundation mixed with the serum makes it easier to apply and then the NYX drops finish it off with a boost of coverage that may have been lost.

The picture above is un edited. There is a slight showing of texture on my forehead and between my brows but that usually happens when I wear the Kat Von D foundation and haven’t prepared my skin. (I have VERY dry skin so texture is a usual occurrence)

Pros and Cons:

Its easy to use
Light weight
Available from Priceline / Target
Works with brush or beauty sponge

Can cling to dry areas
Price vs amount. The price of this is $24.99 and you get 13ml. a ‘regular’ foundation is 30ml for the same price and sometimes (most times) cheaper. If this is the only thing you’re using then you’ll probably go through it quickly.
Shade Range – like most brands more shades need to be added.

I’d probably buy this foundation again, the price hurts my heart a bit, but the fact that its so versatile has swayed me. Its so easy to use and it looks great in photos. Depending on what you need it for/how you use it, it can last a long time. Usually when I wear this foundation I get compliments on my skin/complexion which never goes unwanted. If you’re looking to mix things up, maybe try this one out next time.


Have you tried this product? I’d love to know how you found it if you did. (:

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7 thoughts on “Foundation Game Changer

  1. I really wanted to pick this foundation up but I think it was one of those products that was too different from my regular routine so I could see myself never using it but I wouldn’t mind picking up a shade to mix with my current foundations to get my perfect shade!


    1. Its such a versatile product! The KVD foundation is the first one I tried mixing it with and it worked so well! KVD is so thick, so adding the drops thinned it out a bit but didn’t bump the coverage down either! I hope the combination works for you!


  2. I love using this foundation, I love that the coverage can be built up depending on where you’re going/what you’re doing!


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