Hi, welcome to my blog!

My name is Caitlan and I’m a language student from Adelaide, South Australia.

I live with my fiancé, Kris and work part time as an administrative assistant as well as study full time.

I’ve been on and off blogging for a few years but I’ve finally started to ‘take it seriously’ so I started this one right here, I hope you like it!

This blog is my outlet to share with my readers my passions and interests. Everything from beauty, to cooking, lifestyle, DIY and travel tips. I want this blog to have a little bit of something for everyone.

I like most people am a procrastinator. Hence the name. I tend to take procrastinating to the next level, and usually its when I get some of my best work done. Have you ever been up late at night because you cant sleep, so you decide to do your hair and makeup? It always turns out perfectly but its a waste because you have to sleep and then can never re-create it? Yep, thats basically my life.

I hope to inspire and get to know my readers and with a natural knack for conversational writing I hope I can get to know you all.

I look forward to this adventure.


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