Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does Sass Social mean?
A. Its simple really, I wanted an online presence that didn’t have my name in it, but still wanted something that has to do with me. This is where the ‘Sass’ part comes into it. The ‘social’ aspect is just as simple. I’m a social being, I love social media. I just put them together and this is what I got.

Q. Do you only post about beauty?
A. No. Beauty and makeup is my hobby and I love experimenting with it and creating looks, but I also enjoy cooking and talking about my experiences in life so I jot them down here where I can always look back at things I’ve done. If other people like it, thats just a bonus for me.

Q. Why did you start a blog?
A. I started it because I wanted to be dedicated to something. To always be updating it and reviewing products so I could post things for others to read about. Its another way for me to communicate with the world.